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Study Questions for Ranger Rick Readings

People and Weather


  1. What does biometeorology study?



  1. What can people do to help the clouds to rain or snow?




  1. What is the difference between weather and climate?




  1. How long ago was the last ice age in North America?



  1. List three ideas scientists have proposed to explain long-term climate changes.




  1. What is smog made of?



  1. What problem could be caused by a build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?



  1. What do the initials “CFC” stand for?



  1. What do the initials “UV” stand for?



  1. What is one problem that an increase in ultraviolet rays could cause for people?



Extra! Do you think Orville Cranesboggle had a dry year or a wet year?  Why do you think so?